Indonesian/Japanese with English subtitles, 2013, 137 minutes, color, Japan/Indonesia

Mr. Nomura is an eerily handsome, sharply dressed, sociopathic serial killer who preys on the women of Tokyo. In Jakarta, a world-weary journalist named Bayu finds himself unexpectedly falling into vigilantism after brutally killing two sadistic robbers. When each posts videos of his violent sprees online, the pair find one another on the Internet and begin a toxic and competitive duel. While Bayu clings to the hope that he can resume a normal life, Nomura continues to spill blood without remorse. Killing, advises Nomura, is something everyone ought to consider.

Timo Tjahjanto, codirector of the V/H/S/2 segment “Safe Haven,” returns to Park City at Midnight, collaborating with longtime filmmaking partner Kimo Stromboel on their bleak and blood-soaked second feature as creative team The Mo Brothers. Killers uses energetic camerawork and a wildly varied musical score to vividly capture brutality in ways both bone-rattlingly frenetic and serenely transfixing, while always keeping audience members aware of their complicity with the characters’ own bloodlust.

Director: The Mo Brothers

Screenwriters: Timo Tjahjanto, Takuji Ushiyama

Producers: Yoshinori Chiba, Kimo Stamboel, Shinjiro Nishimura, Takuji Ushiyama, Timo Tjahjanto

Executive Producers: Naoki Sato, Keizo Yuri, Akifumi Sugihara, Kenjiro Toba, Daniel Mananta, Damien Lim, Kerenina Sunny Halim, Rangga Maya Barack-Evans, Gareth Huw Evans, Andrew Suleiman, Stephen Odang, Berhard Subiakto, Aoura Lovenson Chandra, Damon Hakim

Cinematographer: Gunnar Nimpuno

Editor: Arifin Marhan Japri

Sound: Fajar Yuskemal, Aria Prayogi

Production Designers: Satoko Saito, Rico Marpaung

Principal Cast: Kazuki Kitamura, Oka Antara, Rin Takanashi, Luna Maya, Ray Sahetapy

About the Director

The Mo Brothers, Timothy Tjahjanto and Kimo Stromboel, first caught our attention with their standout slasher short Alone in 2003, and then again with Dara in 2007. In 2009, with financing from Singapore, they completed the collaboration film Macabre (also known as Dara’s House), earning invitations from numerous film festivals worldwide and a win as best actress for Shareefa Daanish at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.


1/20/2014 11:59 pm
Egyptian Theatre, Park City
1/21/2014 3:30 pm
Redstone Cinema 1, Park City
1/23/2014 6:00 pm
Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City
1/25/2014 6:00 pm
Broadway Centre Cinema 6, SLC