Land Ho!


2014, 96 minutes, color, U.S.A./Iceland

Feeling disenchanted with life after retirement, Mitch, a brassy former surgeon, convinces mild-mannered Colin, his ex-brother-in-law, to holiday with him in Iceland. The pair set off through Reykjavik ice bars, trendy spas, and adventurous restaurants in an attempt to reclaim their youth, but they quickly discover that you can’t escape yourself, no matter how far you travel.

Land Ho! is a bawdy road-trip comedy as well as a candid exploration of aging, loneliness, and friendship. Iceland's vast and haunting landscapes—moss-coated cliffs, fog-shrouded mountains, geothermal pools, and otherworldly Northern Lights—form a primordial Eden and the perfect backdrop for Mitch and Colin's adventures.

Cowriters/directors Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz present seniors as we rarely see them in film: multidimensional characters full of life. Paul Eenhoorn returns to NEXT with another superb performance (This Is Martin Bonner screened at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival) and displays remarkable comedic chemistry with Earl Lynn Nelson, who delivers an extraordinary breakout performance as a man refusing to go gentle into that good night.

Directors: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz

Screenwriters: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz

Producers: Mynette Louie, Sara Murphy, Christina Jennings

Executive Producers: David Gordon Green, Julie Parker Benello, Dan Cogan, Geralyn Dreyfous, Wendy Ettinger

Co-producers: Hlin Johannesdottir, Birgitta Björnsdottir

Cinematographer: Andrew Reed

Composer: Keegan DeWitt

Editor: Aaron Katz

Principal Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Earl Lynn Nelson, Karrie Crouse, Elizabeth McKee, Alice Olivia Clarke, Emmsjé Gauti

About the Directors

Martha Stephens was raised in Appalachian Kentucky and attended North Carolina School of the Arts. Her debut feature, Passenger Pigeons, won Chicken & Egg Pictures’ “I Believe in You” Award. Pilgrim Song won the best director award at the Fantaspoa Film Festival and won the Soul of Southern Film Award at the Memphis Indie Film Festival. Stephens’s latest script, "Papaw Easy," was selected for the Sundance Producers Lab, the IFP Project Forum, and Tribeca All-Access.

Aaron Katz was raised in Portland, Oregon, and attended North Carolina School of the Arts. His debut feature, Dance Party, US, which premiered at SXSW in 2006, was hailed as one of the best films of the year by Artforum and the New York Times. Quiet City, which premiered at SXSW in 2007, was a New York Times critics’ pick and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Cold Weather, which premiered at SXSW in 2010, was released by IFC Films.


1/19/2014 11:30 am
Library Center Theatre, Park City
1/20/2014 9:00 pm
Broadway Centre Cinema 6, SLC
1/22/2014 9:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre, Park City
1/24/2014 2:45 pm
The MARC, Park City
1/25/2014 12:00 pm
Salt Lake City Library Theatre, SLC